the space @ 13 thirty seven

a roastery surrounded by plants

The Space @ 13 Thirty Seven is a cafe as well as a pre-loved store and mini plant nursery where you get to try our currently roasting SOOM (single origin of the month), enjoy our iced signature drinks made with #1337COFFEE surrounded by plants and lush greenery.

On the first floor you’ll find our retail space and pre-loved store with a curated selection of clothes, art and curious. Alongside this, there’s also a mini maker space with 3D printers and a laser cutter.

The Space is also pet friendly, so feel free to bring your furkids (cats must be kept in carriers and dogs must be leashed at all times) when you come by for a cup!


Spanish Lattee

A special espresso based textured milk drink served chilled
RM 14

Cham Peng

Espresso and hojicha with milk served chilled
RM 15

Malaysian Single Origin Chocolate

Served to you either hot or on ice
RM 15

Matcha (Hot / Ice)

RM 14 / 16

Hojicha (Hot / Ice)

RM 14 / 16


Pour Over

Seasonal single-origin beans
RM 16

Black Coffee (Hot / Iced)

Using our 1337 house-blend
RM 10 / 12

Milk Coffee (Hot / Iced)

Using our 1337 house-blend
RM 12 / 14

retail @ the space

from designer wear to pre-loved clothes, books, & more

On the first floor you’ll find our retail space stocking designer wear from More than Blouses, Manik & Batik and other Malaysian designers alongside a curated selection of preloved clothes, books, art, jewellery, accessories and more!

Got some special items in your closet you’d like to sell? Come by and speak to us!

think it, design it, print it!

We also have a 3D printing space where you can buy a selection of pre-printed items or bring your own STL files and make use of our in-house printers.. We’ve got a large-format Ender CR-6 Max as well as a Snapmaker 2 with a 1600mw laser attachment for engraving, etching and cutting.

Pricing: RM30 per hour for use of the equipment + material cost if you want to print your own STL files. 

  • Standard 1.75mm PLA @ MYR2/g (red, white, blue, black, white)
  • Coconut 1.75mm PLA @ MYR3/g
  • Carbon Fiber 1.755mm PLA @ MYR5/g
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